A tutoring service to meet the needs of today's busy families.

Let us bring the knowledge to you.

Eye Level Math

Eye Level English

Noonopi Korean

A tutoring service to meet the needs of today's busy families.

Let us bring the knowledge to you.

Why Eye Level Flex

You need an education service that can fit your schedule.

These days, our children have jam-packed schedules. It can be difficult to make time for their academics, yet the world is more competitive than ever. It’s essential that our children develop the skills to stand out and excel.

Eye Level has been providing high-quality education services for over 40 years. With the introduction of Eye Level Flex, you can now have all the benefits of our proven math and English curricula in a more convenient package.

Subscribe and receive workbooks delivered monthly. Follow the individualized progress plan custom made for your child. Schedule private sessions with our academic coaches as often as you’d like. Receive regular parent consultations and watch as your child’s confidence in academics reaches new heights.

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How it Works

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EyeLevel Flex - How It Works

1. Subscribe

Download the Macadamia Learning app. Once you download the app, choose Eye Level Flex as your program, and complete the registration process. No long-term commitment. Cancel at any time.

2. Take a diagnostic test

Once you register via the app, you will be connected to one of our instructors who will take your child through our online diagnostic test. Based on the test result, we will determine the starting point.

3. Delivered monthly

Receive monthly booklets based on your child’s individualized progress plan.

4. Guided study and academic tutoring

Take advantage of our online guides and resources. Schedule 1-on-1 tutoring sessions with our academic coaches.

5. Feedback and progress planning

Regular consultations will be provided by our academic coaches to review your child’s progress and update the study plan.

Start Something Smart

Download MACADAMIA App and select Eye Level Flex to start a subscription

Our Programs

Eye Level provides supplemental
Math, English and Korean programs

with high-quality curricula provento be effective over the past 40 years.
Our programs meet each child’s needs by offering a personalized learning solution tailored to
the child’s individual learning style and academic level.


Eye Level Math enables students to cultivate mathematical thinking and master concepts by improving basic arithmetic and problem-solving skills.


Eye Level English takes students from foundational reading and writing skills to more complex concepts that enhance critical thinking and written communication.


Noonopi Korean is a step by step program designed to enhance critical thinking and written communication skills while having fun playing with stickers, puzzles and reading fairy tales.


Eye Level Play Math is a collection of comprehensive learning materials designed to introduce mathematical concepts to early preschoolers.


Monthly Subscription Plans

Guided Self-Study

Per Subject

$ 60 00 Per Month
  • ◉ Individualized progress plan
  • ◉ Monthly workbooks
  • ◉ Access to online guides & tools
  • ◉ Online parent consultations (every 3 months)

1-on-1 Tutoring

$ 20 00 Per Session
  • ◉ Monthly One-on-one tutoring from our experienced academic coaches
  • ◉ Homework and Test Prep
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